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Each and every day thousands of people sit down in front of their computer and start a blog. That’s what I did a little over two years ago when I started Cooking with Curls.  Let me tell you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it, well almost every minute…..

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Creating recipes is a lot of fun, especially when the recipe turns out right the first time. I admit, food photography and styling are still challenging to me. You have to get the lighting just right, but you won’t know how it actually turned out until the images are downloaded onto the computer. These are the minutes hours that cause me stress!

If you’re lucky, you will have several images that work perfectly…..because your family already ate dinner and they’re aren’t any left overs!!  If not, your family will be eating the same exact meal again tomorrow night.

So you have your awesome images, you write a Pulitzer prize worthy blog post and then… have to promote it!! Ahh yes, the part of blogging that no one warns you about. Creating the recipe, taking photos, and writing the blog post is only 25% of the battle. Social media is the other 75% of the equation.  Without a good social media game plan, no one will ever see that incredibly gorgeous meatloaf that you made {twice}.

The less exciting side of blogging is the long hours spent sitting in front of a computer screen promoting your posts on pinterest, facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, and linking up to link parties. If you have small children, a career outside of the home, or a life, social promotion moves further and further down the To Do List.

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I am quite fortunate in that my children are grown, and food blogging is my full-time career. I have the time to spend promoting myself on social media, and now I am starting a new career as a Virtual Assistant to promote you and your posts as well. I will be working exclusively with bloggers to help you achieve all of your blogging dreams!

This site is still a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if things move around every now and again. The services that I offer will also change or be adjusted based on interest and popularity. If you have any specific needs, leave me a comment or send me an email and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Thanks so much for visiting, I hope we get to work together soon,


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So, you want to start a blog? Now what? There are so many different options, and so many things to learn that it really does take on a life of it’s own…but it doesn’t have to! I have been blogging for the past two years over at Cooking with Curls, so I have a pretty…

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    I SO know what you mean by not really knowing how the images turn out until they are all loaded on the computer and the food is already gone. I’ve already been spending too much time on a post this week… JUST to get it up on the blog. And, that doesn’t count the time to start spreading the word about it!
    Absolutely LOVE what you’re doing!
    Pure genius, my friend!