About Me

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a …..

Mom with two awesome kids and one very furry dog!

Daughter of two British parents, so I did not grow up eating traditional “American” meals.

Southern California native that currently calls Eastern Iowa home.

Research Queen – if I need a recipe, I search the internet.  If I have a health problem the doctor’s can’t figure out, I search the internet.

Cookbook collector –  I have HUNDREDS of cookbooks that I read like novels…..I should probably seek counseling.

Dinner Party Diva –  I have been compared to the Barefoot Contessa more than once.

Kitchen gadget collector – if it is made for the kitchen, I probably own it…..I wonder if there is a support group?

Food blogger, photographer, mocha lover, and pinterest addict!!


Rather than opening my own restaurant or catering company, I decided to start a food blog – Cooking with Curls.  A place where I can share all of my recipes and things that I have learned over the years.  Now I am ready to help other bloggers achieve their dreams as well, as a virtual assistant.

Please feel free to leave comments and ask any questions that you may have.

Thanks for visiting,

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